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A leader in natural regenerative biologics
Located in Southern California since 2005, Skye identifies, develops and collaborates in the advancement of natural regenerative biologics. Our focus is to provide surgeons with the best allograft solutions to assist in the natural repair process of the body’s tissues and musculoskeletal system post-surgery.

One source for all your allograft needs
Skye provides facilities with a complete line of premium bone fillers, structural grafts, soft tissues and regenerative biologic allografts. This one-source solution allows facilities to access all tissues through one customer service department and reduce the total number of vendors.

Leading customer service
Skye Customer Service works closely with facilities to manage and maintain a reliable supply of allografts. Our conveniently located west coast distribution center means that we can also deliver overnight for more urgent orders.

Amniotic Tissue Platform

Amniotic tissue has been used successfully for over a decade, in tens of thousands of procedures across the U.S., and in a broad range of therapeutic applications. Common applications include the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, burns and various tissue reconstructions. Numerous clinical and scientific papers have shown these tissues to be safe and effective for tissue regeneration and adhesion prevention.*

Skye’s BioECM™ products combine leading science and technology in the procurement, processing and delivery of innovative amniotic and placental tissues, to provide this industry-leading line of amniotic allografts.

These next generation wound coverings and tissue matrices have been specifically engineered for improved handling, storage, delivery and performance . All BioECM grafts are processed using proprietary Hydratek™ Technology, a unique, bio-aware controlled-rate process, designed to better preserve the viability, structural integrity, and biochemical and biomechanical properties of the fluid and tissues. The result is a comprehensive line of biologics that is simpler to handle, easier to apply, and addresses the many challenges that surgeons face across a wide range of surgical defects.

Regenerative Potential of the Human Body

Amniotic fluid, amniotic membrane and placental tissues are a rich source of pluripotent cells, epithelial cells, MSCs and ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) proteins. The ECM is a protein system that provides the foundation of all of the body’s tissues and organs. The placental ECM is unique, in that its new, viable proteins have not deteriorated throughout the life cycle of the body.

Foundation for Regeneration
Collagens I, III, IV, V, VII, are fibrous proteins in the ECM that provide a structural scaffold to support cell migration and regeneration. Fibronectin, laminins, and hyaluronic acid play a major role in cell growth, differentiation, migration, and adhesion to the scaffold.

Modulate Correct Tissue Repair
Growth factors contained in the placental ECM, including PDGF, VEGF, EGF, FGF and TGF-B, promote cell proliferation and migration across the defect. This combination of proteins works with the body’s own cells to modulate correct tissue repair rather than scar tissue formation.

Regulate Inflammation and Pain
Anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic proteins in the ECM reduce inflammation, fibrous tissue growth, and potential scar tissue formation as they down-regulate TFG-B, suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines, and inhibit MMPs and fibroblast formation.

Amniotic tissues possess little or no risk of foreign body reaction in the patient, which can lead to fibrosis and graft failure.

Skye Biologics’ Commitment to Safety

Skye is commited to the highest quality and safety standards. Our biologic allografts undergo strict processes and procedures to ensure tissue quality and patient safety.

Quality Donors
Skye only sources tissue for its BioECM™ products from live, healthy U.S. donors, who donate their placentas after successful delivery. All donors are pre-screened and selected base on stringent criteria.

100% Natural Tissue
Skye BioECM™ allografts are derived from 100% natural human tissue. No additional cells, tissues or synthetic materials are added during processing.

HydraTek™ Process
Skye BioECM™ amniotic allografts are processed using Hydratek™ Technology, a unique bio-aware process designed to preserve and protect the structural integrity and the natural biochemical and biomechanical properties of the tissue. All processing and packaging is performed at an FDA registered facility in accordance with strict CGTP standards.

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