arthroscopy tendoscopy

Below you’ll find information regarding the treatment method Arthroscopy Tendoscopy, which is beneficial in diagnosing many hard-to-find foot injuries.

Arthroscopy Tendoscopy Advantages:

  • Arthroscopy Tendoscopy is an excellent method for addressing internal derangement of the joints and tendons
  • Joint or tendon is visualized via a micro camera (arthroscope) inserted through a small incision (portal)
  • Small, precision instrumentation is utilized to address the pathology of the joint or tendon
  • Minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues
  • Portal incisions take 2 stitches to close
  • Performed in outpatient setting
  • Period of immobilization is usually short
  • Return to regular shoe gear is usually allowed within the first few weeks after the procedure.

Arthroscopy Tendoscopy Indications:

  • Injury to joint or tendon that results in painful range of motion, limited range of motion, or limited ambulatory activity that is unresponsive to conservative care and the need for complete open joint surgery (arthrotomy) or open tendon procedure is not indicated
  • Preoperatively, radiographs, MRI, and CT scans are utilized for diagnostic purposes for evaluation and precise preoperative planning.
  • In certain cases, arthroscopy can be used as a diagnostic tool when diagnostic testing is negative but a patient is complaining of symptoms consistent with joint derangement* or tendon derangement**


In addition to joint arthroscopy, the scope procedures can also be used to address pathology of tendons, such as chronic inflammatory tissue (tenosynovitis) or residual scar tissue after a partial tendon tear that has been treated conservatively and healed.

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