Can Seeing Your Podiatrist Save You $10,000+? A Big Complicated Study Translated

Seeing your podiatrist can save you tens of thousands of dollars in long-term medical costs and helps prevent many patients from having to undergo an amputation – these were the findings of a study performed by 9 PhDs and DPMs regarding the economic value of podiatry.  And while you probably could’ve guessed this already, thanks to the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association it’s all been confirmed by science!

“We found that patients who received care from a podiatric physician had significantly lower costs than did patients in the comparison group who did not receive care from a podiatrist during the year before their foot ulcer.”

You can check out a copy of the study by clicking here.

The difference between those who visited/did not visit a podiatrist at the onset of an injury and who had commercial medical plans was actually “$13,474 lower” and even “$3,624 lower…in Medicare”.  Talk about a solid investment in your health!

So I think the lesson we can all take away from this is – if you think you have a foot problem, see your podiatrist ASAP!!

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