Below you’ll find information regarding the symptoms, treatment and prevention of Hammertoes, a common foot injury resulting in sometimes severe pain towards the front of the foot.

Hammertoes CAUSES:

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Relatively long toes
  • Tight muscles
  • Flat feet-Certain muscles overwork to hold and stabilize the foot and cause contractures of toes
  • High arch feet- Same concept of flat feet with muscles overworking in a stabilizing manner
  • Aggravated by improper fitting shoe gear shoe gear
  • Often seen in conjunction with deformities such as bunions


  • Pain in closed shoes
  • Knuckles of the toes are prominent
  • Redness and swelling over the toe knuckle
  • Toes start to overlap each other
  • Hard skin over the toe

Hammertoes TREATMENT:

  • Wider shoes with high toe box(taller at front of shoe)
  • Orthotic to balance out the low arch or high arch foot- this helps to reduce the muscles’ overload and pulling on the toes- this has benefit to not only prevent the contractures from worsening, but also to prevent recurrence after surgery, if performed
  • Surgical straightening of the toes to allow comfort when wearing closed shoes



2nd and 3rd TOE HAMMERTOES[/one_third]




PROPER SHOE GEAR FIT[/one_third_last]






ARTHRODESIS OF TOE (FUSION)[/one_third_last]

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