Computerized Gait Analysis

painful 2nd toe

The mechanics of the foot and ankle and their effects on the lower extremity and body as a whole are very intricate. Due to these complexities, it is sometimes difficult not only for the lower extremity specialist to have a precise and accurate measurement of these mechanics, but also a means by which to communicate, explain, or visually demonstrate to a patient what is occurring during the gait cycle. 

The Gait Scan is a highly useful tool that provides a solution to this challenge. The Gait Scan is a noninvasive method whereby a computerized pressure mat is utilized to record pressures on the bottom of the foot as a patient walks over the mat. Pressure distribution is directly related to the overall posture and stability of the foot. It is this data that the doctor then analyzes to precisely determine abnormalities and develop an appropriate treatment regimen for the patient.

Benefits of Computerized Gait Analysis

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