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About We Treat Feet - Odenton

Podiatry office in odenton, maryland

We Treat Feet Podiatry in Odenton, MD, formerly known as the practice of Dr. Charles Markham, is committed to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care to their patients. Led by a team of experienced podiatrists, the practice offers a range of services to address a variety of foot and ankle conditions.

One of the specialties of We Treat Feet Podiatry in Odenton is wound care. The practice utilizes advanced wound care techniques to heal chronic wounds and prevent complications. They offer a variety of treatments, including negative pressure wound therapy, bioengineered tissue grafts, and other cutting-edge solutions to promote healing.

For patients with foot and ankle problems that require surgery, the team at We Treat Feet Podiatry provides expert surgical solutions. They have extensive experience in reconstructive foot surgery, including bunion and hammertoe correction, ankle stabilization, and joint replacement. They also offer minimally invasive procedures to reduce downtime and improve recovery time.

The practice provides specialized diabetic shoe fitting services to help reduce the risk of complications in diabetic patients. They offer a range of shoes designed to provide the necessary support and protection for diabetic feet. We Treat Feet Podiatry also offers custom orthotics to correct foot and ankle problems and gait analysis to help patients improve their walking patterns.

In addition to wound care, surgery, and diabetic shoe fitting, the practice offers laser therapy for pain management and wound healing. This non-invasive treatment uses focused light energy to stimulate cellular activity and promote healing.

We Treat Feet Podiatry in Odenton has an on-site radiology department, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis of foot and ankle conditions. The practice also stocks wound supplies, ensuring that patients have access to the materials they need to properly care for their wounds at home.

The team at We Treat Feet Podiatry in Odenton is experienced in treating a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, and fungal nail infections. They use a personalized approach to care, working closely with each patient to determine the best course of treatment for their unique needs.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain or have a chronic wound that has not healed, contact We Treat Feet Podiatry in Odenton, MD, today to schedule an appointment with their team of podiatrists. With their expertise and compassionate approach to care, you can trust that you will receive the best possible treatment for your foot or ankle condition.

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