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Until recently, there were limited options for ankle replacement in the U.S. The InBone Total Ankle Replacement was developed as a viable surgical solution to ankle arthritis. This will allow  patients to have pain reduction and restored mobility without the need or problems associated with an Ankle Fusion (Arthrodesis). The INBONE™ team that developed this implant, carefully studied previous ankle designs to determine the causes of implant failure. With that knowledge, they used design elements that already has proven successful in hip and knee implants, INBONE™ engineers designed a total ankle replacement that could stand the test of time.

Features that make the InBone Total Ankle Replacement the Best Choice.

Long anchoring stems

The prosthesis has anchoring stems to secure it in place, within both the tibia and talus. This reduces the chances of the implant loosening over time, which has been a problem with other ankle implants.

Physician customized for patient needs

When it comes to joint implants anywhere in the body, one size does not fit all. The modular design of the tibial stem (component that goes into the leg) allows us to select the appropriate number of pieces based on patient size and bone structure. The result is a more precise fit and a less invasive installation process, with minimal bone removal. All of the components are available in multiple lengths and diameters for additional customization.

Anatomical matching to the human ankle

Mother Nature knows best. That’s why the INBONE™ Total Ankle closely matches the shape of your natural ankle. This promotes natural movement and mobility.

Precision surgical fixtures designed to provide accurate installation

A specially designed Foot Holder secures your foot while allowing the surgeon to precisely position the prosthesis. This eliminates any guess work on the surgeon’s part. No other ankle implant utilizes this type of installation guidance.

How does the InBone Total Ankle Replacement work?

The prosthesis consists of two main pieces: a tibial component (that goes up into the leg) and a talar component (the replaced part of the ankle that articulates with the foot). The tibial component features a high strength polyethylene piece secured within a titanium holder. A long titanium stem securely anchors this half of the implant within the tibia (leg bone). The talar component is an anatomically shaped, highly polished cobalt chrome piece which also features a stem. The talar stem is inserted into the talus (ankle bone) to securely anchor this half of the implant. Once installed, the smooth plastic surface of the tibial component rotates effortlessly on the highly polished metal surface of the talar component, resulting in smooth, fluid movement.

InBone Total Ankle Now Available.

  • The InBone Total Ankle Replacement System

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