‘Knock Your Socks Off’ for Diabetes in November!

This November, the APMA is encouraging people from all over the country to ‘Knock Your Socks Off’ in an effort to prevent diabetes-related foot complications – ranging from discomfort to in some cases, amputation.

The campaign is being directed at the hispanic population of the US as currently 12% of it’s population has diabetes. More importantly, the ethnicity is 66% more likely to develop the disease than any others.

There are various initiatives within the ‘Knock Your Socks Off’ campaign including:

In addition to these resources, the best step in preventing one of these complications is to visit your local podiatrist. If you have any further questions whatsoever about the campaign or about any diabetes-related foot health, the experts at We Treat Feet Podiatry would be more than happy to answer them! Simply shoot us a note at info@wetreatfeet.com or call at 410-363-4343.