When it comes to foot health, one condition that requires special attention is Charcot foot. This complex disorder primarily affects individuals with peripheral neuropathy, a nerve-related complication often associated with diabetes. Charcot foot can lead to severe deformities and even potential amputation if left untreated. Fortunately, podiatrists play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of this condition, employing various techniques such as bracing and specialized footwear.

Charcot foot is characterized by weakened bones in the foot and ankle, making them prone to fractures and dislocations. The condition is often accompanied by symptoms like redness, swelling, and warmth in the affected area. Left unaddressed, the continuous weight-bearing and pressure can lead to the development of Charcot ulcerations, which are open sores that are slow to heal and prone to infection.

Signs and Symptoms

Charcot foot with ulcer
Charcot Foot with ulcer

WeTreatFeet Podiatrists are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of Charcot foot, enabling them to provide timely intervention. Diagnosis typically involves a thorough examination of the foot, including X-rays and other imaging tests to assess bone structure and any potential damage. Once Charcot foot is confirmed, treatment can commence to prevent further complications.


The primary goal of treatment is to immobilize and stabilize the foot, allowing the damaged bones to heal properly. This is where bracing becomes crucial. Custom orthotic braces are designed to support and protect the foot, redistributing pressure away from the affected area. By promoting proper alignment and reducing excessive strain, bracing helps prevent additional fractures and deformities, ultimately decreasing the risk of amputation.

Alongside bracing, specialized footwear also plays a vital role in the management of Charcot foot. WeTreatFeet Podiatrists are specially trained to  prescribe custom shoes or orthotic inserts that provide extra support and cushioning. These footwear solutions help alleviate pressure on vulnerable areas and promote proper foot function. By ensuring proper weight distribution and reducing the risk of skin breakdown, these shoes and inserts contribute significantly to the prevention of Charcot ulcerations.  OUR DOCTORS DO THIS, not a tech or medical assistant!

In addition to the physical aspects of treatment, WeTreatFeet podiatrists also emphasize patient education and self-care. Individuals with Charcot foot are educated on the importance of foot hygiene, regular foot inspections, and the early detection of any changes or abnormalities. Furthermore, they are guided on maintaining optimal blood sugar levels if diabetes is a contributing factor. By actively engaging patients in their own foot health, podiatrists empower them to make informed decisions and take preventive measures.

foot surgical reconstruction

WeTreatFeet surgical reconstruction
Modern Podiatry by WeTreatFeet

When necessary, WeTreatFeet Podiatrists offer the latest in treatment from simple ostectomies (removal of bone) to complex surgical reconstruction.  Our doctors are very specialized treatments performed only by trained physicians.

To summarize, our doctors at WeTreatFeet podiatry play a vital role in the comprehensive treatment of Charcot foot and the prevention of amputation. Through timely diagnosis, bracing, and specialized footwear, podiatrists can effectively manage this complex condition. By combining these interventions with patient education and self-care, individuals with Charcot foot can enhance their foot health, reduce the risk of complications such as Charcot ulcerations, and improve their overall quality of life.

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