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Below you’ll find information regarding the symptoms, treatment and prevention of various Achilles Tendon Injuries and Disorders, common foot injuries resulting in pain and discomfort towards the back of the heel bone.

The Achilles tendon connects the Gastro-soleus muscle complex (calf muscle) to the foot via connecting at the back of the heel bone (calcaneus) at an area called the tendon insertion.  The main purpose of this complex is to contract at the point when the entire foot is in full contact with the ground during walking or distance running.

  1. Tendinitis– inflammation around and within the sheath (covering) of the tendon- can occur at the attachment of the tendon to the heel (insertional tendonitis), at the ‘cord’ (midsubstance tendonitis) or the muscle to tendon junction (myotendinous tendonitis)
  2. Tendinosis– inflammation and scarring and degeneration of the internal fibers of the tendon; a more serious condition
  3. Ruptures– these can be partial (portions of the tendon fibers), complete ruptures, and can occur slowly over a period of time (chronic, progressive), can occur suddenly from violent trauma (acute) or the tendon can slowly be degenerating and then tear completely (acute tear on chronic degradation)

Achilles Tendon Injuries CAUSES:

  1. Biomechanical causes- since the muscle and tendon complex fire to stabilize the foot while it is in contact with the ground, any postural abnormalities of the foot (a pronated foot (low arch) or supinated/cavus foot (high arch)) create a higher demand for the muscle complex to fire harder every step a person takes- this puts eccentric (pulling) stress on the tendon and causes the fibers to gradually weaken
  2. Trauma- seen in direct impacts to the tendon, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or occupational injuries
  3. Disease processes- Systemic arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis)- cause weakening of the collagen fibers which degrades the tendon fibers
  4. Medicinal- a class of medications called fluoroquinolones (Cipro, Avalox, Levaquin) can weaken the tendon fibers while an individual may be using the medications for infections such as bronchitis or urinary tract infections

Achilles Tendon Injuries and TREATMENT:

  1. Achilles Tendonitis Treatment: Say goodbye to Achilles pain with our effective treatment options. Schedule an appointment today to get back on your feet!
  2. Achilles Tendon Rupture Surgery: Our podiatrists are experts in Achilles tendon repair surgery. Get back to your active lifestyle with our help.
  3. Achilles Tendonitis Surgery: If conservative treatments aren’t enough, we offer surgical options for Achilles tendonitis. Learn more about our procedures.
  4. Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms: Don’t ignore pain in your Achilles tendon. Learn about common symptoms and get the treatment you need to prevent further damage.
  5. Achilles Tendonitis Causes: Discover the underlying causes of Achilles tendonitis and how our podiatrists can help you find relief.
  6. Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment: Our comprehensive approach to Achilles tendinopathy treatment includes custom orthotics, physical therapy, and more.
  7. Achilles Tendinopathy Symptoms: Are you experiencing Achilles tendinopathy symptoms? Let our experienced podiatrists diagnose and treat your condition.
  8. Achilles Tendinopathy Causes: From overuse to improper footwear, many factors can contribute to Achilles tendinopathy. Learn about the common causes and how we can help.
  9. Addressing any abnormal biomechanics is key. Use of proper supportive shoegear, prescription orthotics, proper stretching, and occasionally use of a resting/night splint are all important treatments. During the period of recovery, cross training and reduced high impact activity helps.
  10. Reducing the symptomatic inflammation– icing, physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound and ultrasound. It is against medical standard of care to inject the Achilles tendon with cortisone

If patients do not respond to conservative treatment, further diagnosis with MRI is warranted.

Surgical treatments include Radiofrequency microdebridement (Topaz), open surgical debridement, repair of any partial or complete tears and removal of any calcifications or spurring of the tendon to heel bone interface.

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