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Bunions are a common foot deformity that can cause foot pain, foot discomfort, and difficulty walking. They are caused by the misalignment of the big toe joint, which can lead to the toe bone rubbing against the other bones in the foot. This can cause inflammation, swelling, and a bony bump to develop on the side of the foot.  Lapiplasty is a newer procedure you may have heard about!


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WeTreatFeet Doctors treating that painful bunion

There are a number of treatments available for bunions, including conservative treatments such as orthotics and shoe inserts, and surgical treatments.  The first bunion surgery was performed in 1887 by a German surgeon named Carl Hueter. The procedure involved cutting and realigning the bones in the foot. This procedure was still in use until the 1960s, when a new procedure called the Lapidus bunionectomy was developed. The Lapidus bunionectomy is a more complex procedure that involves fusing the bones in the foot.

Bunion X-ray Before correction

Xray bunion

Post operative bunion surgery (NOT Lapiplasty)


In recent years, there has been a trend towards less invasive bunion correction procedures. This is due to the fact that these procedures have been shown to be just as effective as traditional bunion surgery, but with a shorter recovery time and a lower risk of complications.

Lapiplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is used to correct bunions. While it is not for everyone, it is a newer procedure than traditional bunion treatment, and it has a number of potential  advantages, including:

  • It is less invasive, which means that there is less pain and a shorter recovery time.
  • It is more likely to produce a natural-looking result.
  • It has a lower risk of recurrence.

Key reasons why a WeTreatFeet Podiatrist may choose a Lapiplasty procedure include:

  1. Three-Dimensional Correction: Unlike traditional bunion surgeries that focus on two-dimensional correction, Lapiplasty addresses the deformity in all three planes, providing more stable and long-lasting results.

  2. Cutting and Rotation of Bone: During the Lapiplasty procedure, the surgeon makes precise cuts in the bone to reposition the metatarsal bone, which is causing the bunion. The bone is then rotated back into its proper alignment.

  3. Titanium Plating: After repositioning the bone, a specialized titanium plate is used to stabilize the joint, keeping the bone in its corrected position during the healing process.

  4. Faster Recovery: Compared to traditional bunion surgeries, Lapiplasty generally allows for a faster recovery period. Patients are often able to put weight on their foot sooner after the procedure.

  5. Patient Selection: Lapiplasty may not be suitable for everyone with a bunion. The procedure is typically recommended for patients with specific anatomical characteristics and severity of the deformity.

  6. Benefits: The main benefits of Lapiplasty include more predictable and lasting correction of the bunion, reduced risk of recurrence, and a quicker return to normal activities for the patient.

The Lapiplasty procedure is a minimally invasive bunion surgery that is used to correct bunions. It is a newer procedure than traditional bunion surgery, but it has a number of advantages, including less pain, a shorter recovery time, and a lower risk of recurrence. If you are considering bunion surgery, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a qualified foot and ankle surgeon to discuss whether the Lapiplasty procedure is the right option for you.

WeTreatFeet is a team of experienced foot and ankle surgeons who specialize in the treatment of bunions and other foot deformities. Our doctors have over 100 years of combined experience performing bunion surgery. We offer the Lapiplasty procedure as well as other minimally invasive bunion surgery procedures.

If you are considering bunion surgery, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and discuss whether the Lapiplasty procedure is the right option for you.

To schedule an appointment, CLICK HERE or please call our office at410-363-4343. We look forward to helping you achieve relief from your bunions.

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