Custom Orthotics at WeTreatFeet Podiatry


Foot orthotic

Custom orthotics are medical devices that are designed to fit your individual feet and provide support and alignment. They can be used to treat a variety of foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, and flat feet.  In order for an orthotic to be custom, your foot needs to be evaluated and either casted in a special position known as neutral calcaneal stance position, or scanned using an advanced scanner that can properly map out your foot.

At WeTreatFeet Podiatry, we use advanced gait scan technology to create custom orthotics that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our gait scan technology allows us to capture a detailed image of your walking pattern, which helps us to identify any areas of your foot that are not aligned properly. We then use this information to create custom orthotics that will help to correct your alignment and reduce pain.  Then, using a proprietary technology, we can correct for the portion of your gait cycle (walking cycle) that is the cause of your problem

In addition to providing relief from pain, custom orthotics can also improve your balance and posture. They can also help to prevent further foot problems from developing.

If you are suffering from a foot condition, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our podiatrists to discuss custom orthotics. We can help you to determine if custom orthotics are right for you and we can create a custom orthotic device that will provide you with the relief you need.

Here are some of the benefits of custom orthotics:

  • Provide relief from pain
  • Improve balance and posture
  • Prevent further foot problems from developing
  • Increase athletic performance
  • Improve overall foot health

If you are interested in learning more about custom orthotics, please contact WeTreatFeet Podiatry today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment for you to discuss your needs.