Prom Season is Almost Upon Us! How to Choose the Right Shoes (for Your Foot Style & Health!)

Get Your Feet Ready For Prom!
Choosing prom shoes for girls isn’t always easy and oftentimes critical factors such as comfort and fit are overlooked because you fall in love with a certain style or color, a decision that is frequently regretted about 30 minutes into the big night.  Our goal is to encourage you and your friends/family to make smart decisions from a health perspective while still keeping it stylish on Prom Night!

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!
Comfort needs to be the number one thing you consider with these shoes.  Period.  You’re going to be spending a really long time standing, dancing, running, etc throughout the night and the last thing you need to worry about is discomfort on your feet.

Heels or No Heels?
Heels are obviously a very popular choice for prom but they should bring some consideration before you choose the wear them – do you wear them often?  Have you had issues with them before?  Have you spent long periods of time in them?  There’s no crime in not wearing heels because if you think you may have an issue, you probably will.  Wedges can be a good compromise between giant heels and the more comfortable flats – but just make sure you give it some honest thought!

Go Your Own Way!
Don’t worry about fitting in with what all the other girls are doing – go with your own style!  It’s very likely that you’ll be able to pick out what shoes most girls are going to wear so it wouldn’t be a crime to choose something completely different.  Sure you may get some weird looks from other (jealous) girls but at least you’ll be comfortable and doing your own thing!

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Healthcare Hiring Continues to Increase

According to Healthcare Finance News the healthcare industry has continued to grow, increasing by 23,400 positions last month.

The biggest growth area were in ambulatory healthcare settings and at hospitals specifically in home healthcare services, which added 6,800 jobs. Physician offices added 1,000 jobs, while outpatient care centers boosted employment by 3,200 jobs and overall, hospitals job positions rose by 7,900.

Nursing and residential care facilities also increased hiring in March, although at a much slower pace, adding 200 jobs.

Healthcare Finance News

Can Seeing Your Podiatrist Save You $10,000+? A Big Complicated Study Translated

Seeing your podiatrist can save you tens of thousands of dollars in long-term medical costs and helps prevent many patients from having to undergo an amputation – these were the findings of a study performed by 9 PhDs and DPMs regarding the economic value of podiatry.  And while you probably could’ve guessed this already, thanks to the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association it’s all been confirmed by science!

“We found that patients who received care from a podiatric physician had significantly lower costs than did patients in the comparison group who did not receive care from a podiatrist during the year before their foot ulcer.”

You can check out a copy of the study by clicking here.

The difference between those who visited/did not visit a podiatrist at the onset of an injury and who had commercial medical plans was actually “$13,474 lower” and even “$3,624 lower…in Medicare”.  Talk about a solid investment in your health!

So I think the lesson we can all take away from this is – if you think you have a foot problem, see your podiatrist ASAP!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our awesome staff at We Treat Feet Podiatry via email ( or 410-363-4343.

Sequestration’s Impact on Podiatry?

Let’s start with this – the Sequestration: What is It?

Sequestration is a legal term used to describe the act of a higher authority taking control of an asset — usually property or money — until a legal dispute is rectified, thus preventing destruction or loss of the asset until appropriate decisions regarding the asset have been made.

In this case, “the sequestration” refers to the Budget Control Act of 2011 which guaranteed that if the congress and president didn’t come to a consensus regarding measures for reducing the budget deficit, there would be across-the-board cuts meaning the treasury would freeze monies from almost every government program including the military and Medicare.

No consensus was met, so the sequestration went into effect on March 1.

So what type of impact will the Sequestration have on Podiatry?

Podiatry is often considered a specialty and as a result, even though a person’s feet are the foundation of their ability to remain independently mobile, people with foot ailments rarely make their feet their highest priority if they don’t have unlimited funds.  This will come into play when medical coverage is thinned and is part of the key in determining the impact the sequestration will have on podiatrists.

While the impact the sequestration will have on podiatry can in part be formulated by evaluation of the language in the Budget Control Act, the effect is still largely a product of human behavior and decisions.

Predicting the impact is speculation, but the following is known:

1) March 1st the act went into effect and all Medicare payouts must be in compliance by April 1st.  Fewer patients may seek specialty care.

2) There will be a 2% (max) cut in reimbursements for DPMs from Medicare payouts.

3) As of yet, there is no set date for a congressional review of the sequestration. In other words, this could be permanent.

The simple (though speculative) answer:

The impact the sequestration will have on podiatrists is a reduction in reimbursement from Medicare patient as well as potentially fewer patients as public concerns about their own medical coverage loom.


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