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We Treat Feet in the Community :: Free Foot Screenings & Free Gait Analysis

This will be a busy week for the doctors at We Treat Feet Podiatry. Drs. Gordon McCrary and Patrick Felton will be out in the community this Tuesday and Friday, providing free foot screenings and free gait analysis around the Baltimore area.

Free Foot Screenings by Dr. Gordon McCrary

On Tuesday, May 15th, Dr. Gordon McCrary will be providing foot screenings for Baltimore City Parks and Recreation employees at their annual employee Health Fair at the Vollmer Center located at 4915 Greenspring Avenue, 21209 at Cylburn Arboretum.

At We Treat Feet Podiatry, Dr. McCrary specializes in both arthroscopic and open management of forefoot pathologies, complex rear foot and ankle pathologies, and reconstructive surgery. He also has extensive experience managing diabetic wounds and foot infections.

Free Gait Analysis by Dr. Patrick Felton

On Friday, May 18th, Dr. Patrick Felton will be at the Landsdowne Senior Center providing free gait analysis for their senior members.

Dr. Felton specializes in podiatric sports medicine, conservative care for biomechanical abnormalities, and surgical management of structural and functional abnormalities of the foot.

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